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Save Money ~ Purchase Ink Jet paper and Materials in Bulk Quantity Packages
Adhesive Sheets

Add an adhesive backing to
  • Photographs
  • Paper Embellishments
  • Canvas
  • Gold and Silver Papers 

    Sheet Size 5-/12" x 8-1/2"
    100 "Make-It-Sticki" sheets per package

    Item # SP3195 ... $45.00


    Print your Photograph or Graphic with your color ink jet printer
    or use a photo from the photo finisher 

    Separate first liner from the "Make-It-Sticki" Sheet 

    Place Photo printed side up onto the exposed sticky surface

    Sandwich the photograph between the liner and the "Make-It-Sticki" Sheet.
    Rub briskly over the top. This will cause the adhesive to bond to the back side of the photograph.

    Holding the liner sheet in place, cut around the image.

    Remove the top liner sheet.

    Turn over photograph. Remove the back liner exposing the adhesive that has been transferred to the back side of the photograph.

    You can now bond your photograph to a Memory Book Page or to another smooth surface.

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